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How to Work on a Long Flight When Flying in Economy

October 31, 2017

Have you a long flight to catch? 4 hours? 8 hours? All that time to do nothing so that you can get out of the airplane and have to waste another 4 or 8 hours on working after? How do you work on a long flight? Good question. Let's answer it. Choose the Right Airline Who you fly with will determine if you can work on a long flight or not. Is There Wi-Fi? If you are going to work on a long flight, do not even consider going on an airline if that airline provides no Wi-Fi. Firstly, let's get rid of any speculations that you can use your cellular data in the air, it won't work. Some airlines...

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Zendure’s New Global Travel Adapter Project Funded on Kickstarter in Less Than Two Days

June 28, 2017

Zendure’s crowdfunding campaign for their latest universal travel adapter has reached its fundraising goal of $30,000 USD after less than 48 hours on Kickstarter. The adapter, called Passport, was announced on Monday and wrapping up its second day of promotion when it hit the target. Passport is the first global travel adapter to include an auto-resetting fuse that does not need to be replaced if too much current is drawn. The adapter also features “Press and Slide” controls for one-handed operation, as well as four USB ports and AC output with a child-safe shield. More than 800 backers have supported Passport so far, taking advantage of the offered free international shipping. “We first launched our company four years ago on...

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Zendure Announces the World’s First Global Travel Adapter with Auto-Resetting Fuse

June 26, 2017

Zendure today announced the crowdfunding campaign for their latest product, an all-in-one universal travel adapter called Passport, the ultimate charging solution for travelers around the world. They are offering free international shipping. The biggest difference between Passport and other international travel adapters already on the market is the patent-pending auto-resetting fuse. Traditional travel adapters use old-fashioned replaceable fuses to prevent an overload, which leads to quite a number of issues. The fuses are easily blown, lost or broken, and they are hard to find when you need to buy one. Passport’s use of auto-resetting technology allows the device to recover from an overload on its own within just one minute, making it electronically unbreakable, and the most resilient travel adapter...

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